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This workshop is dedicated exclusively to Hashira shibari. 

Hashira shibari has been one of our favourite ways of tying since we started following the work of Sensei Naka Akira. And it has been one of the first things we wanted to learn from him. We can say without any doubt that we are among the people in the west that have spent more time studying, practicing and evolving Hashira Shibari.

This workshop will cover traditional Naka Ryu ties, as usual as revised by Wildties. Also some older fashion ties popular in Nureki Sensei’s time, hashira floor ties and also a few acrobatic ties.

We will work in depth on the technique and the aesthetics but also on the cultural aspects of this traditional form of shibari and of course on the psycological and phisical effects on the model.

Up to now we taught Hashira shibari only in private classes because no venue ever offered enough colums for all the participants. The new Laboratorio di Bondage Torino will be fully equipped with 1 hashira for every student.

Participants need to bring at least 12 ropes, 15 been ideal.

Participants need to have a solid tk and experience in Semenawa suspension (both tops and models).

NOTE WELL: At the time of publishing this event most places are gone. So be fast.

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