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“Technique, aesthetics, communication” has been one of our claims since we started teaching Kinbaku. We used it on flyers, and on event descriptions, and indeed we always made these three elements central in our teaching. 
We always tackled these three elements contemporarily, yet we feel that, to go deeper and have a higher understanding, each of them is well worth a class of its own. So for the first time we decided to split the teachings of these Masterclass in three distinct topics to be covered in three different days. 
All the main subjects that constitute Kinbaku LuXuria unique technique will be dealt with in Day 1. We will try to attain technical perfection concentrating only on the proper execution of the pattern and the movements. 
Day 2 will be dedicated only to our advanced communication techniques that constitute the real unicity of the LuXuria style and that through the years have gathered so much appreciation around Europe and also in Japan. 
Day 3 will be a one-day Masterclass dedicated only to traditional Japanese Aesthetics. Through the use of multimedia and live examples, we will guide you in a journey of discovery of the fascinating aesthetics of traditional Japanese Kinbaku. You will shoot pictures of your own work and we will analyze them all together, making the class as interactive as possible.

Participation limited to a maximum of 15 couples.

Please note that special requirements are needed to attend in order to certify the entry level of Riggers. 

This event is exclusively addressed to advanced level Riggers that are already acquainted of Naka Ryu and LuXuria Style. If you never worked with us in the past, or never attended one of our workshops before and you want to apply, you will be requested to send us a priliminary uncut video to show your effective level of tecnhique and flow.

To take full benefit from our course you should bring at least 10 pieces of rope. Jute is preferred to hemp. Diameter between 5 and 6mm. Length can vary between 7 and 8 meters though our recommendation (for average size models) is around 7,30 mt. Loose or medium lay rope fits better our style, please avoid super tight layed double ply rope. Bring rope that you already broke in, we will tie a lot and it must be easy on your hands and on the model.

For fees, requirements and reservations please write in pm.

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